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ScienceScope Launches New Website for 2010

We have a brand new website, which showcases our products and documents their use. We willl mainitain this address for the old site, for a time, while the new site gets a fine tuning.

New for 2010

Datalogging Balance

This is the only  mass sensor on the market, allowing you to log mass directly, and so no comms issues with balances.

2 ranges,  0 - 400g ( 0.5g)

and 0 - 20g ( 0.04g)

for Only 100


New for 2010

The Graphics Logbook GLE

The E is for enhanced, as we have added Extended memory for much larger recordings & Enhanced recording speeds, with Oscilloscope-style continuous output.

As with the GL, it has 3 in-built sensors, USB comms and can be fitted with either a Wireless or GPS module.

new Logbook Graphing software is free with the GLE .

New for 2010...Web Graphs

Web based Datalogging is here, with our monitor station and web graphs. Show your schools data anywhere, via  the web. Contact us for information.

See a Single Dataset, or 2 Datasets compared

The ScienceScope RocketLogger.

2010 Catalogue

on line - as pdf


  Beginners guide

Getting Started with our kit

 Datalogger Offers


Trade  One In, Get 50-off an ML or a GL.

 Buy 15 Logbook  MLs for 1500

Buy 15 Logbook GLs for 2250

*For the purpose of this offer any remote logging capable datalogger qualifies whatever its current condition


 1 X ML Primary & Pulse for 120

  or 5 for 500

 1 X GL Primary & Pulse for 200

 5 for for 700

contact us for details.

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Use the Contact Us page to request a catalogue or further information.

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